Local Rules

  1. All play prohibited from garden beds.
    Players MUST drop at nearest point of relief.  (Treat as G.U.R)
  2. Carpark is out of play. Players MUST drop in Drop Zone beside road.
  3. G.U.R. – all areas defined as G.U.R., players MUST drop at the nearest point of relief no nearer the hole.
  4. Ant hills may be treated as G.U.R.
  5. A player MAY take relief from all roads and pathways through the green (Rule 24)
  6. If a planted or staked tree under 2m in height interferes with players stance or area of intended swing the player MUST take relief within 2 club
  7. G.U.R. near house – drop in carpark drop zone.
  8. Relief may be taken from an ‘embedded ball’ through the green.
  9. All fence lines are Out Of Bounds (Rule 33-2).
  10. Use of measuring devices allowed.

Refer also to

  • the White Board for any other Local Rules
  • specific policies provided below